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15 day full satisfaction warranty or your money back. 60 day warranty against any mechanical defect.

Explanation of Condition Ratings;  New New in box. Never been used.  Like New Like new condition. Still has all the papers, manuals and box. Might have been used a few times.  Mint Near new. 98% original condition. No dents or scratches. No signs of use.  Mint- 95% original condition. No dents or scratches. Might show very slight signs of use.  Ex++ (Excellent++) Good average condition. Signs of normal use. Might have minor scratches, but not on the glass. Mechanically sound working condition.  Ex+ Some dents or scratches may be present.  Mechanically sound working condition.  Ex Heavily used. Mechanically sound working condition.  Ex- Might not look pretty. But still works good. As Is Cosmetically average looks but partially or entirely non functional.
Item Condition Price
Pentax K-1000 camera with 50/1.7 lens Ex++ $179.00
Pentax MV-1 camera Ex++ $95.00
Pentax Program Plus camera, with 50/1.7A lens Ex++ $179.00
Pentax Super Program camera with 50/2.0A lens Ex+ $229.00
Pentax MZ-50 auto focus camera in original box New $195.00
Pentax IQ Zoom Point & Shoot Auto Focus camera Ex++ $69.00
Pentax Zoom 105 R Point & Shoot Auto Focus camera Ex++ $149.00
Pentax 28/2.8 M wide angle lens Ex++ $95.00
Pentax 50/1.4 M normal lens Ex++ $109.00
Pentax 50/4 SMC-M Macro lens Ex++ $195.00
Pentax 200/4 M Tele lens Mint- $169.00
Pentax 35-70/3.5-4.5A zoom lens Ex++ $129.00
Pentax 35-70/2.8-3.5 zoom lens Ex++ $169.00
Pentax 40-80/2.8-4 zoom lens Ex++ $139.00
Pentax 70-200/4-5.6 Auto Focus Takumar-F zoom lens Ex++ $149.00
Pentax 70-210/4 SMC-A zoom lens Ex++ $179.00
Pentax 80-200/4.5 SMC-M zoom lens Mint- $169.00
P/K Mt. 2X Teleconverter Kalimar Auto Focus New $69.00
P/K Mt. 2X Teleconverter Saker New $25.00
P/K Mt. 24/2.8 Quantaray wide angle lens Ex++ $129.00
P/K Mt. 28/2.8 Toyo Wide Angle lens Ex++ $65.00
P/K Mt. 90/2.8 Macro Sigma lens Ex $179.00
P/K Mt. 28-70/3.5-4.5 Tamron zoom lens Ex++ $79.00
P/K Mt. 28-200/3.5-5.6 Sigma Aspherical IF Auto Focus zoom lens Mint- $229.00
P/K Mt. 35-70/2.8 Kalimar zoom lens Ex++ $69.00
P/K Mt. 35-135/4-4.5 Tokina zoom lens Ex++ $149.00
P/K Mt. 70-210/3.9 Rokinon zoom lens with case Ex++ $149.00
P/K Mt. 80-205/4.5 Takumar zoom lens Ex++ $79.00
P/K Mt. 70-300/4-5.6 Quantaray Auto Focus zoom lens Ex++ $229.00
Pentax Winder ME Ex++ $79.00
Pentax Winder ME II Ex++ $89.00
Pentax AF200T Flash Ex++ $59.00
Pentax AF280T Flash Ex++ $95.00

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